4N Purity.

Cremation Diamond.

LONITÉ cremation diamonds are made from human hair and cremation ashes of the deceased.

  1.   99.99% pure (4N purity) carbon; from elements of life.
  2.   No heavy metals; No artificial colorings, no unstable chemicals.
  3.   Natural diamonds are used as the essential seed crystal; no use of CVDs.

purity of carbon

diamond seed

Cremation Diamonds from Ashes and Hair

Human body contains 18% carbon. Diamonds are pure carbon. LONITÉ cremation diamonds are made of the purified carbon from hair, cremated bones, or cremation ashes.

Production Time *
10 months on average
Ashes amount
200g ashes/10g Hair
C$ 2200 (0.25 carat) - C$ 49800 (3.0 carat)
Payment terms
50% + 50%

[*]Logistics lead time not included.

Cremation diamonds are GIA certified to be genuine diamonds.

The only difference between natural diamonds and LONITÉ cremation diamonds is their origin: the carbon atoms of cremation diamonds are from the cremated remains instead of minerals found underground.

The origin color of LONITÉ cremation diamond from ashes is amber yellow

LONITÉ's Memorial Diamonds

From light yellow (left) to deep orange (right), each memorial diamond has a natural color. No two are alike, reflecting the natural differences in the ashes used to make the diamonds.

Naturally Grown Cremation Diamonds.

Truly Unique.

After the hair and cremation ashes are purified they are placed in the synthesis environment. This precisely controlled chamber turns ashes to diamonds by recreating the natural conditions for diamond growth.

The synthesis environment grows diamonds out of ashes, but does not control the growth. No two diamonds are alike. The final shape, size and color depends on the carbon and other elements in the ashes.

Each cremation diamond is naturally grown and truly unique. The synthesis environment only creates the opportunity to grow, and sets a range for the size. Exact dimensions of the diamond from the ashes can neither be controlled nor predicted.

Cremation Diamonds Options


Diamonds are measured in carat (ct), a unit of weight.

One carat equals to 0.2 g (200 mg; 0.007055 oz).

Size demo

(4.0 mm)
(4.5 mm)
(5.1 mm)
(5.5 mm)
(6.0 mm)
(6.5 mm)
(7.3 mm)
(8.0 mm)
(8.7 mm)
(9.2 mm)

[*] The representative sizes shown may be different from the actual dimensions due to different screen resolutions.
The size of memorial diamonds is determined by the growing time in the synthesis environment.

LONITÉ - LONITE AG, EspañaThe origin color of LONITÉ cremation diamond from ashes is amber yellow

Rough cremation diamonds are not polished in order to maintain all the origin materials.

Cremation Diamonds Options

Cut Styles

Before Polish

Rough cremation diamonds (uncut / unpolished) are available with a 20% discount for sizes of 0.35 carat or larger.

A rough cremation diamond is a unique choice for those of you who want complete naturalness and the ‘entire’ diamond from ashes. Keep in mind that only cut diamonds have ‘brilliance’. This means the color of uncut diamonds may appear darker.

10 × Cuts

Ten different cuts are available.

Their brilliance: Brilliant > Princess > Radiant > Asscher > Emerald > Heart > Oval > Pear > Cushion > Unpolished.

The Brilliant Cut is our most popular cut style for memorial diamonds.

brilliant cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamond from hair or cremation ashes
emerald cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamond from hair or cremation ashes
radiant cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamond from hair or cremation ashes
asscher cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamond from hair or cremation ashes
princess cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamond from hair or cremation ashes
heart cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamond from hair or cremation ashes
oval cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamond from hair or cremation ashes
pear cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamond from hair or cremation ashes
cushion cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamond from hair or cremation ashes
unpolished cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamond from hair or cremation ashes

“Undecided” will Preserve the Maximum Diamond

On the order form, you may leave the cut option blank. The cut of your cremation diamond will be decided by our expert according to its final shape. They will select a cut that results in the largest possible diamond.

Keep in mind that the synthesis environment that turns ashes into diamonds does not determine the shape of the diamond, only the size. Your cremation diamond grows naturally into its own unique shape.

No two diamond shapes are alike. Experts will cut your cremation diamond based on the shape your cremation diamond grew into. The cut they decide on will preserve the most diamond material possible.

Cremation Diamonds Options

Color Styles

7 × Colors

Natural diamonds are born with an array of colors, reflecting the diverse elements in the underground environments where they grow.

In the same way, the 7 colors listed below are achieved by elements left in the ashes used to create your cremation diamond or additional processes in the synthesis environments during your memorial diamonds' growth.

Growing Environments

Naturally Amber™ Cremation Diamonds

Human body contains 3% nitrogen [N], which gives the diamond a Naturally Amber™ color.

Naturally Amber™ is the natural color achieved under standard procedures.

Each cremation diamond has a natural color, ranging from light yellow to deep orange. No two are alike.

Purely Colorless™ Cremation Diamonds

Purely Colorless™ diamonds are created by removing nitrogen [N] from the carbon [C].

They have the highest carbon purity but also the highest price and longest creation time.

Other Colors

In addition to the two featured colors, LONITÉ has the advanced technology necessary to adjust the synthesis environment to achieve other colors of cremation diamonds out of ashes.

GIA logo

HPHT stands for high-pressure, high-temperature. The process is an effective tool for changing the color of certain diamonds, making them colorless, pink, blue, green, goldish green, or gold.

GIA: Gemological Institute Of America (2012) Changing the Natural Essence of the Diamond. 4Cs Education, archived on Aug. 15, 2012

Diamond Color

Naturally Amber™

Greenish Yellow



Purely Colorless™

Price Range ()
C$ 2,200
C$ 29,000
C$ 2,900
C$ 32,800
C$ 2,900
C$ 32,800
C$ 3,300
C$ 45,500
C$ 3,600
C$ 49,800
Production Time *
6 - 9 months
7 - 10 months
7 - 10 months
8 - 11 months
9 - 12 months
Element / Symbol
Carbon / C
Nitrogen / N
Carbon / C
Nitrogen / N
Carbon / C
Nitrogen / N
Carbon / C
Boron / B
Carbon / C
Percentage in Body
Positive Health Role
(Coloring Mechanism)
N: DNA and proteins with
amino acids
(HPHT processing at
nitrogen content 1ppm
- 1000ppm;
Electrons irritating at
1KeV - 100MeV [*])
(Annealing at 500°C -
5000°C under 100kPa
- 20GPa;
HPHT processing [*])
B: Probably metabolism
of calcium
C: All vital life activities
of human body

* Note: Estimated time for 0.5 ct diamond.

[*]Logistics lead time not included.

[*]Note: Data range is enlarged to protect technical secrets.

LONITÉ - LONITE AG, EspañaThe origin color of LONITÉ cremation diamond from ashes is amber yellow

Cremation Diamonds Certificates

Certification of Authenticity

Cremation diamonds are genuine diamonds that can be certified by all worldwide recognized gemology institutes.

Independent proof.

Certificates of authenticity for LONITÉ memorial diamonds can be issued from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or the International Gemological Institute (IGI), which proves that all LONITÉ diamonds are genuine diamonds and certified to be lab-made (non-mined).

LONITÉ - LONITE AG, EspañaGIA man-made diamond certificate sample on LONITÉ cremation diamonds from ashes

LONITÉ - LONITE AG, EspañaIGI man-made diamond certificate sample on LONITÉ memorial diamonds from ashes

The origin of your cremation diamond is certified to be from LONITÉ laboratory.

After the cremation diamond growing process is complete, a third-party certification from GIA or IGI can be ordered to show the authenticity of your cremation diamond and most importantly, the origin of the cremation diamond – LONITÉ’s laboratory.

The origin color of LONITÉ cremation diamond from ashes is amber yellow

Bar code is attached to containers for all intermediate steps. Tracking ID, name and dates are logged under our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) — LNT OT95000:2010.

Personalized Service

You will be able to check the latest status as we turn ashes into diamonds every step of the way by simply entering your order ID on our order tracking page. We are always available to discuss how well the creation of your memorial diamond is progressing.

Laser Inscription

You can also name your cremation diamond. After your cremation diamond has been created, we are able to personalize it with words or a phrase engraved onto the diamond girdle.

Visible Process

Photos of important steps during the creation of your memorial diamond.

Photos of the intermediate steps.

Sending the ashes of your loved one to Switzerland can be an emotional event. Our goal if for you to feel as involved and connected as possible. If you like, we are able to send you photographs of the creation of your cremation diamond upon request at the time of order placement.

It is a wonderful way to witness the transition to another stage in the existence of your loved one.

Family matters. Keep together.

Some of our customers send a photo of their family with the ashes. LONITÉ is more than happy to include this in all photos we send you of the cremation diamonds creation process. Doing so adds a meaningful and personal touch.

ID Tracking

You will have a unique code for LONITÉ’s ID tracking Quality Control, enabling you to see exactly where your cremation diamond is in the process at any time.

Learn more about LONITÉ's internal process and tracking standards LNT OT95000:2010

I. Maximized Use of Ashes / Hair.

Up to 99.99%.

It would be technically incorrect to say that “a diamond is made 100% from ashes”✘.

To create a cremation diamond requires a microscopic diamond to serve as the seed crystal. This provides the basic structure from which the new cremation diamond will develop.

The seed crystal means LONITÉ is able to produce cremation diamonds that are up to 99.99% carbon derived solely from human ashes or hair.

II. Natural Diamond Seed.

No CVDs.

A diamond seed is the microscopic diamond required as the foundation from which the new diamond will grow . We call this the seed crystal. Carbon atoms derived from ashes or hair attach themselves to the seed, under immense pressure, and begin to crystallize.

For the diamond seed, LONITÉ only uses single-crystal natural diamonds from the top 0.1% of quality natural diamonds. We do not use CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) diamonds.

III. Type IIb:

The Top 0.1% of All Diamonds.

LONITÉ Blue and Purely Colorless™ diamonds are classified as type IIb diamonds.

When examined with an infrared spectrometer, type IIb diamonds show a remarkable absorption on the red side of the visible spectrum.

LONITÉ type IIb memorial diamonds are visually indistinguishable from the rarest and most valuable 0.1% of all natural diamonds, but with an extremely unique origin - from your loved one.

IV. No Heavy Metals (0.00%).

100% Safe.

LONITÉ memorial diamonds are completely free of lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), bismuth (Bi) and sodium bromide (NaBr).

LONITÉ uses natural and medically-safe agents in the process of cleaning and preparing ashes to be turned into diamonds.

No heavy metals (0.00%) are used in LONITÉ's process of cleaning or preparing ashes, and none in the ashes after cremation remain in the ashes after they have been prepared for making diamonds out of ashes..

V. No Artificial Colorings (0.00%).

Natural Colors.

LONITÉ creates colored diamonds by preparing ashes and placing them in the synthesis environment to grow. We don not use any artificial colorings in the diamonds.

The synthesis environment only gives a color range. The final color depends on the ashes used to create the diamond.

Each diamond has its own unique, natural color. No two memorial diamonds are alike.

VI. 4N Purity.

The Essential 99.99%

Impurity leads to diamond flaws. It can cause cracks in the diamond crystal.

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) diamond synthesis can only be effectively achieved with the purest forms of carbon. All other trace elements must be removed.

Carbon is the basic life element. LONITÉ memorial diamonds grow from carbon of at least 99.99% (4N, or 4 Nines) purity.

VII. 18% and 3% of Human Body.

Positive Life Elements.

Carbon [C] accounts for 18% of the human body. Nitrogen [N] accounts for 3%. Both are essential for proteins (with amino acids) and DNA. Without carbon [C] and nitrogen [N], life would not exist.

The carbon purification system can leave either nitrogen or boron (related with metabolism of calcium) within the growing foundation, leading to an amber or blue color.

Keeping carbon and removing all other elements will create a Purely Colorless™ memorial diamond.

What is and is not a Cremation Diamond?

Understand the Difference

Learn and compare.
Understand what and how we produce.
Your loved one deserves the very best.

✔ LONITÉ IS a GIA Certified Genuine Diamond.

A LONITÉ memorial diamond is physically, chemically and optically the same as a natural mined diamond.

LONITÉ's genuine diamonds possess a refractive index of 2.419, which is the same as all other natural mined diamonds.

✘ NOT a Diamond Simulant: Gem, Crystal, nor Zircons.

A "Diamond Simulant" is a fake diamond that is not made with carbon. Zircon (ZrSiO4) is used to mass-produce these for costume jewelry and clothes accessorizing.

A fake diamond does not have a refractive index of 2.419, which makes the brilliance and brightness very different from a genuine diamond.

✔ LONITÉ IS an HPHT Diamond.
(High-Pressure High-Temperature)

The carbon source of LONITÉ's HPHT diamonds is pure carbon powder from ashes (processed into a solid state).

The High-Pressure-High-Temperature process is based on the same principles of how natural diamonds are created, so it takes several months to turn ashes into diamonds.

✘ NOT a CVD Diamond
(Chemical Vapour Deposition)

The carbon source of CVD diamonds is a hydrocarbon gas such as methane, not the carbon found in cremation ashes or hair from your loved one.

The ongoing process takes only several hours, but consumes many, many cubic meters of additive gas to provide the necessary carbon.

✔ LONITÉ IS a new-born diamond transformed from ashes.

Your memorial diamond is a new diamond grown from carbon gleaned from the ashes and hair of your loved one.

The diamond seed essential for diamond formation accounts only for 0.01% of your memorial diamond. 99.99% of the diamond is from life elements in the hair or cremation ashes you provide.

✘ NOT an existing diamond injected with ashes into a hole.

Some "memorial diamonds" are nothing more than an existing diamond, drilled to enable a tiny amount of cremation ashes to be inserted.

Heavy metals like lead (Pb) and bismuth (Bi) are used in that "memorial diamonds" process.